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Aqua Fresh Water Purifier RO

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Are you in search of a reliable and efficient water purifier? Look no further than Garg Trading Company, your trusted dealer of Aquafresh RO systems in Faridabad. With our wide range of Aquafresh water purifiers, we ensure you get the cleanest and purest drinking water at an affordable price. Our Aquafresh RO systems are specially designed to remove impurities, chemicals, and contaminants from water, making it safe and healthy for consumption. Whether you need a water purifier for your home, office, or factory, we have the perfect solution for you. We understand the need for clean and safe water, especially for areas with borewell or hard water. That's why our Aquafresh RO systems are specifically designed to handle such water conditions, providing you with the best water purifier for borewell/hard water. In addition to providing top-quality products, we also offer Aquafresh RO service at the best prices. Our RO service in Faridabad ensures that your water purifier operates at its peak performance, giving you pure and crystal-clear water. We also offer AMC plans to provide regular maintenance and services for your Aquafresh RO system. Visit Garg Trading Company today or buy Aquafresh RO systems online and experience the joy of clean and healthy water.

The Aquafresh Dolphin Water Purifier is an advanced unit based on hi-tech RO Water Purification Technology. This is an excellent purifier that is available in sleek, compact design, and operates with use of electricity. The purifier offers 6 different stages of water purification to ensure that water supplied from it is pure, crystal clear and completely safe to drink.With advance taste conditioner feature, it enhances the taste of water to a great extent. It comes with insect project lock and delivers a maximum duty cycle of 120litres per day. The advance features of the purifier makes it fit to meet domestic drinking water requirements.

Design and Dimensions:

This is an elegantly designed purifier that comes with both wall mount and counter top installations. It is inbuilt with storage tank capacity of 8.5litres while offering purification capacity of 12litres per hours. The use of high quality materials for its construction makes it a durable and long lasting water purifier to meet domestic applications. Its dimensions are 335 x 235 x 455mm.

Water Purification Technology:

This cost-effective purifier from Aquafresh comes with Reverse Osmosis Technology. It offers 6 stages of water purification mechanism to deliver water that is tasty, free from impurities and completely healthy to drink. It includes anti-bacterial 3-in-1 Silver doser, Activated Carbon, taste conditioner, TDS minimize, pre-candle and post carbon cartridge to deliver drinking water that is free from sediment and dissolved impurities. It also enhances taste of water to a great extent. There is also a built-in SMPS to operate purifier from 120 to 280AC voltage for erratic voltage supply.

Weight 7
Dimension 10*10*6
Battery Brand Aquafresh
Battery Capacity 100
Battery Type Aquafesh
Battery Warranty 12 months
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